What You Need to Know Before Calling a Junk Removal Service

Prepping for a Junk Removal Service: A Comprehensive Guide

Taking the plunge to de-clutter and enlisting the aid of a junk removal service? Excellent choice! Whether you’re tidying your garden, attic, or any other space – or even assisting someone else in their de-cluttering journey – a structured plan can simplify the process significantly.

Here’s a checklist to ensure a smooth junk removal process:

1. Determine Your Service Expectations

The spectrum of junk removal companies is vast, each offering varying degrees of service. Some, like Speedy Junk Removal, are comprehensive, handling the cleaning, sorting, and proper disposal, ensuring recyclables or donatables bypass the landfill.

2. Understand the Acceptable and the Prohibited

While services like Speedy Junk Removal haul away a broad range of items – from antiquated gadgets to furniture and construction remnants – there are limitations. Items flagged as hazardous, such as chemicals, expired paint, or batteries, are typically off-limits.

3. Decide Before They Arrive

When the junk removal team shows up, you shouldn’t be in a dilemma about items’ fate. Pre-decide what’s to be discarded and what’s to be retained. To ease the process, consider labeling or segregating items, especially if you’re not around during the pick-up.

4. Limit Emotional Attachment

While sentimentality is natural, holding onto a decades-old report card or your first-gen computer isn’t always practical. If an item has gathered dust without being touched for years, it might be time to let go.

5. Schedule Wisely

Although companies like Speedy Junk Removal take the brunt of the task, junk removal does require some time commitment. Ensure you choose a period devoid of significant engagements. If you’re expecting guests or hosting an event soon, ensure the de-cluttering precedes it, leaving you with a pristine environment.

6. Ensure Unhindered Access

Your home’s accessibility can influence the removal’s efficiency. If there’s a usual cluster of toys at your doorstep or hefty potted plants flanking your entrance, consider relocating them temporarily. This holds particularly true when evacuating bulky items like furniture or gadgets.


With your checklist in order, the only step left is action. Give us a call!


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