Barrie, Ontario Garbage Collection & Schedule: What You Need to Know

Barrie, Ontario Garbage, Waste & Trash Collection & Schedule

Clearing out garbage and trash might not be glamorous, but it’s essential for maintaining clean, livable spaces. Knowing the ins and outs of Barrie’s garbage collection services is vital for the residents of Barrie, Ontario. Whether you’re new to the city or need a refresher, Speedy Junk Removal will guide you through the Barrie garbage collection process and schedule.

Understanding Barrie’s Garbage Collection

Barrie is known for its commitment to cleanliness and environmental sustainability. To ensure waste is managed properly, the city has set guidelines for trash, recycling, and organic materials.

  1. Regular Trash

Regular household garbage is collected every other week in Barrie. Each household is allowed a certain number of garbage bags or containers per collection, and there may be fees for additional bags.

  1. Recycling

Barrie is big on recycling! The city collects recyclables every week. Paper, plastics, metals, and glass have designated recycling bins. Make sure to rinse out containers and sort your recyclables properly to ensure smooth processing.

  1. Organic Materials

Green bins are for organic waste, which includes food scraps, yard waste, and certain paper products. This waste is composted, turning it into valuable compost material that aids in gardening and farming. Collection for organic materials happens weekly.

  1. Seasonal Yard Waste

During specific times of the year, usually spring and fall, Barrie offers yard waste collection. This includes leaves, branches, and other garden waste. Use the appropriate bags or containers and stick to the weight limits.

Barrie Garbage Collection Limits


Two garbage bags or cans every other week per residential dwelling.

Multi-residential (6 units +)

Limits: To confirm garbage limits for your particular property, please get in touch with your property manager or site superintendent.

Non-residential Limits

Outside of the Downtown BIA: 12 bags/cans of garbage every other week for industrial, commercial and institutional (IC&I) organizations

Within the Downtown BIA: six bags/cans per week for BIA businesses

Barrie Garbage Collection Trash Container/Bag Dimensions

The City of Barrie employs a hands-on curbside collection method, requiring the drivers to load the trash into the vehicle manually. Every resident should set out their trash at the curbside (by 7 a.m. on their designated pickup day) in an approved bin or regular-sized bag.

If your bin or bag fails to match the criteria, it will be left behind. Bigger bins aren’t compatible with our hands-on collection approach as they pose a lifting challenge for the drivers. Furthermore, to maintain health and safety standards, collection staff are not allowed to delve into a bin to extract its contents.

Barrie Garbage Collection: Permissible trash bins should…

  • be crafted for hand lifting;
  • feature handles on the outer sides;
  • come with a detachable lid that’s leak-proof (refrain from securing the lid with ropes or elastic bands);
  • hold a maximum volume of 125 litres;
  • weigh no more than 20kgs or 45 lbs (contents included) when set out for pickup at the curb.

Barrie Garbage Collection Trash Stickers Available for Purchase

You can buy trash stickers at the listed venues. The City doesn’t set a cap on the number of places allowed to offer these stickers. Ensuring sufficient stock is up to each location. We recommend reaching out to specific venues to check stock availability.

  • Allandale Recreation Centre, 190 Bayview Drive
  • Barrie Landfill Site, 272 Ferndale Drive North (purchased at the scalehouse)
  • Canadian Tire (all locations)
  • East Bayfield Community Centre, 80 Livingstone Street East
  • Peggy Hill Team Community Centre, 171 Mapleton Avenue
  • Jean’s Variety, 144 Burton Avenue
  • Letitiat Pharmacy, 420 Leacock Drive Unit L-S​
  • Loblaws
  • Cedar Point Convenience, 4-A Cedar Point Drive
  • Mac’s Convenience, 350 Big Bay Point Road
  • Metro (A&P), Kozlov Centre
  • Parkview Centre for Seniors, 189 Blake Street
  • Robinson Home Hardware, 138 Penetanguishene Road​
  • Services Barrie at City Hall, 70 Collier Street
  • Simcoe Building Centre, 140 Ferndale Drive North
  • Sobeys, 37 Mapleview Drive West
  • Zehrs Markets

Barrie Garbage Collection Schedule

Barrie operates on a zone-based collection schedule to keep things organized and ensure every resident gets timely service. The city is divided into zones, each with a day for garbage and recycling pickup.

How to Stay Informed About Barrie Garbage Colletion:

  • City Website: Barrie’s official website provides a detailed garbage, recycling, and organics pickup calendar. It’s updated regularly and is a reliable source of information.
  • Mobile Apps: Several mobile apps are available that send reminders about your collection day and any changes due to holidays or unforeseen circumstances.
  • Local News: Local newspapers and radio stations often provide updates about any changes to the regular schedule, especially during holidays.

Speedy Junk Removal’s Role

While the city of Barrie offers comprehensive waste management services, there are times when residents or businesses might have more junk than the city can handle, or perhaps you’re doing a significant clean-out and need assistance immediately. That’s where Speedy Junk Removal steps in.

Why Consider Speedy Junk Removal in Barrie?

  • Immediate Service: No need to wait for the city’s scheduled pickup.
  • Bulk Items: If you have large items or a considerable amount of junk, we can handle it.
  • Eco-Friendly Disposal: We prioritize recycling and reducing landfill waste.
  • Expert Assistance: From sorting to disposing, our team manages everything.


Barrie, Ontario, has a robust and efficient garbage collection system. However, understanding the schedule and rules can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. Whether you rely on the city’s services or need the extra help that Speedy Junk Removal offers, remember that proper waste disposal is a collective responsibility. It keeps Barrie beautiful, healthy, and sustainable. Let’s all do our part!



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